Addicted to black comedy, but not this bunny!

Fish presented ‘The Book of Bunny Suicides’ as my birthday present.

Frankly, I do not enjoy the concept of this black comedy cartoons drawn by Andy Riley. Suicidal behaviors are not so far from my set. It’s a taboo but also an option for SOMEBODY.

‘Don’t tease me!’
For me, none of these idea is funny, on the contrary, kinda pathetic. If I attempted to end my life, I’m definitely not going to commit it in such ‘creative ways’.

Flip through those pages, you will see this bunny playing with various suicidal tools, a toaster, a cricket ball, a boomerang, a CD player, a magnifying glass, bowling balls, these behaviors are not good। It killed me eyes, ruined my mood, distracted my minds and evoked my depression, and reminding me how sad and twisted lives we are having.

Despite this book topped the seller chart, this bunny is not going to walk in my shoes for sure!

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