Addicted to be Exclusive

I found this sad story in my pocket,
You could read it,
You could feel it,
However, you have no way to understand it.
Confusion makes sadness leaking.

You must know,
Earlier than this, she does not know about him,
Earlier than this, no one provoke it or talk about it.

I must say,
Earlier than this, she thought she was exclusively beloved.

She knows,
Some days later, more about her, little by little.
Some days after, she realizes his love is a fatal flaw.

She knows,
He loves her, addicted to her, more than ever.
However, their story ended, his lovely lover flew away for better future.
Some days later, he found a substitute of her.

I must say,
Some days later, she found their love story through word-of-mouth,
Some days later, she sees the picture of their legends,
Some days later, she feels the load of exclusive love he has to her,

You must know,
He will never know how much it hurts.
It hurts as she found herself being substituted,
It hurts as she felt the exclusive ‘she’ is fading.

You could read this sad story,
You could feel sad story,
However, you have no way to understand it.
Love makes sadness leaking.

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